Welcome to [[Dirk-Jan Swagerman's|http://nl.linkedin.com/in/djswagerman]] [[tiddlyspace|www.tiddlyspace.com]]. I host my own tiddlyspace for notekeeping and bookmarking on different subjects. The site is primairly aimed for my own use, infrequently i may [[blog|http://blog.dirkjanswagerman.nl]] on topics that may interest me. You can explore different subjects in the menu bar on top and in addition the following spaces may be of your interest:

* [[Mbi|http://mbi.dirkjanswagerman.nl]], study notes for my Master of Business Innovation study at ~Tias-Nimbas
* [[Sales|http://sales.dirkjanswagerman.nl]], summary of 3 books on sales, negotiation and influence.
* [[Games|http://games.dirkjanswagerman.nl]], started reading the book [[Gamestorming]]@games but extended with other games i stumbled upon
* [[Software|http://software.dirkjanswagerman.nl]], bookmarks on software
* [[Management|http://management.dirkjanswagerman.nl]], softskills and management bookmarks (for instance around [[DISC|http://disc.dirkjanswagerman.nl]] and [[Situational Leadership|http://situationalleadership.dirkjanswagerman.nl]]

From my time at Philips Healthcare:
* [[FDA Regulation|http://fda.dirkjanswagerman.nl]], my summary of FDA regulation for medical devices.

From my time at FEI:
* [[Microscopy|http://microscopy.dirkjanswagerman.nl]], lectures and bookmarks about microscopy.
* [[Nanotechnology|http://nanotechnology.dirkjanswagerman.nl]], bookmarks on nano tech in general

Please send me an [[email|mailto://dirkjan@dirkjanswagerman.nl]] if you feel i need to remove certain contents from the site due to copyright infringements.

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This site is build as a [[tiddlywiki|http://www.tiddlywiki.com]] and hosted using [[tiddlyspace|http://www.tiddlyspace.com]] technololgy.  Reading ~TiddlyWikis is easy, but takes some getting used to. Rather than scrolling up and down a long web page or word processing document, you open small chunks of information ("microcontent") written in boxes called "tiddlers." You read what you need from a tiddler, then close it with the close button at the top right hand corner of the tiddler.

When a tiddler is opened up, it appears at the top of the screen or below the tiddler used to link to it. After opening a few tiddlers in succession, you might feel overwhelmed by all the open tiddlers. Not to worry.

* You can close every tiddler but the one you are using by clicking on the close others button.
* If you have multiple tiddlers open, you can use the jump button to quickly go to the open tiddler you desire without having to scroll up and down.
* See here for information on the other buttons at the top right of the tiddler.

To search for a tiddler, you can use the search window at the top right of the screen. All the tiddlers that contain the word that you search for will appear.  Use 'search' on (right of the screen) to find information on a topic, for instance:
* Search for M3 to find all notes taken during module '3'. Module numbers can be found at the left
* Search for 'Reading' to see abstract of articles
* Search for 'Session notes' to see notes taken during the training
Click on a module on the left to navigate to a certain module or module session.

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