If you choose to change this GettingStarted tiddler, you may wish to add the following to your new content if you expect you space to be included:

''This ~GettingStarted tiddler has been customized.''
If you want to see the original system tiddler just click the following link: GettingStarted@system-info at system-info.

Welcome to your brand new [[TiddlySpace|http://docs.tiddlyspace.com/TiddlySpace]].

You're almost ready to go, there are just a couple of things left to do.

!Customise your space
Go to [[SpaceSettings]] to finish customising  your space. When you're done, come back here (just scroll up). Don't worry though, this will still be open when you've finished.

!Further Customisation

For advanced options, the [[ServerSettings]] tiddler is used to enable the following features:

#index: The value is the name of a tiddler that will be presented when loading the space.  For example, when set to {{{Hello}}} for the space hello.tiddlyspace.com, navigating to that URL will present the Hello tiddler. If there is no {{{Hello}}} you will get an error.
#editor: The name of an [[editor application|http://docs.tiddlyspace.com/Example%20Tiddler%20Editors]] to edit tiddlers with.  Applications come from [[included spaces|http://docs.tiddlyspace.com/How%20do%20I%20include%2Fexclude%20spaces%3F]]

//If you do not need or understand these features there is no need to create a ServerSettings tiddler.//

To edit these options: 

* click [[here|ServerSettings]] to open the [[ServerSettings]] tiddler
* click on the edit button (the pencil icon)
* add the options you wish to set 
* click on the save button (the tick icon).

An example [[ServerSettings]] tiddler:
index: HelloThere
editor: /edit#{tiddler}

The additional text after /edit allows a tiddler to be opened in edit mode e.g:

!!See Also

* [[ServerSettings shadow tiddler|http://docs.tiddlyspace.com/ServerSettings%20shadow%20tiddler]]
* [[Choosing a non-TiddlyWiki Default Application for your Space|http://docs.tiddlyspace.com/Choosing%20a%20non-TiddlyWiki%20Default%20Application%20for%20your%20Space]]

!Finished customising?
You can [[Start writing]] some [[tiddlers|http://docs.tiddlyspace.com/Tiddler]].
If you're not done tweaking yet though, you can always [[Customise this space|SpaceSettings]] a bit more.

You can also [[access and read other tiddlers in various ways|http://docs.tiddlyspace.com/Viewing%20Tiddlers]].

If you'd like to change your password or create another space, visit "Your Account" from the [[Universal Backstage|http://docs.tiddlyspace.com/UniversalBackstage]] (the blue dot in the upper right of the page). If you'd like to add a member or [[include a space|http://docs.tiddlyspace.com/How%20do%20I%20include%2Fexclude%20spaces%3F]] visit "This Space" from the [[Universal Backstage|http://docs.tiddlyspace.com/UniversalBackstage]].

You can have as many spaces as you like and each space can have as many members as you or your group need.

If you're stuck, and would like some help, please visit the [[help|http://help.tiddlyspace.com]] space, which can point you in the right direction.
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