Factors which are impor-tant in brand management are:
* The process of ''building an identity and brand''
** Advertising alone rarely creates brands, and that ''quality is the prime determinant of brand strength'', along with factors such as
*** Superior service
*** First-mover advantages
*** Differentiation
** The availability of the product on the marketplace and its usage ''initiate word-of-mouth''
** ''Investments in professional marketing and sales management'' including promotional activities, ''are indispensable for an emerging firm''
** Personal relationships play a key role when entering a new market
** Person-based trust fis key to establish credibility
* The process of ''building credibility''
** The advertising and public relations plans, should provide information on
*** The strength of the capitalization
*** The wealth of experience of the founders
*** Any patents or licenses that the firm may hold
** Emerging firms often cite their relations to consultants, certification agencies, and early buyers to draw from the trust these associates enjoy.
** Strategic alliances with top-tier firms, because their reputation is transferred, at least in part, to the emerging entity,
** Communication elements that may appear minor, such as the ''quality of brochures and business cards'', are important tools.

Part of [[M6-S1 - Reading - Gruber, M. 2004. Marketing in new ventures: theory & empirical evidence]]
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